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February 2021

Ed Caisse

February 11 2021

Virtual Networking Meeting hosted via Zoom.

Holyoke Safe Neighborhood Initiative
Meeting Notes

Date: February 11, 2021
Time: 1:00pm to 2:30pm
Place: Zoom Meeting

Mission Statement: The Holyoke Safe Neighborhood Initiative is a partnership between local, state & federal law enforcement; city & state government; civic & human service organizations; faith based organizations; the business community; education providers; property managers; and residents coming together with a goal to create safe, healthy & economically viable neighborhoods through information sharing, identifying at-risk youth, referrals and community efforts in specific Holyoke neighborhoods.

Welcome & Introduction 1:00pm - 1:05pm
Ed welcomed everyone to meeting.

John Fisher, Fair Housing Coordinator: Way Finders 1:05pm - 1:20pm
Ed introduced John Fisher from Way finders. John stated that anyone that needs help with rent because of COVID can apply to RAFT program (50% of AMI). The rules have changed to apply even if you been denied previously. They get 400-500 applications a week. Should hear within 4-6 weeks. They need all pertinent information to speed up application process. You can use John as a back door to get hooked up with the right person. They have employment support services that is tied into one of the services through RAFT. If you are interested with someone working with youth 233 1699. They run emergency housing programs such as Safe Step (victim of DV) or Turning point (for youth 18-24). Talk to Sara or Carmen. The Library Commons had a lottery in November and the move in will take place in July/August. Their Holyoke office will be at Library Commons. Two things to keep in mind with the CDC you have to download a form that is given to landlord to see eligibility. Under the moratorium, folks won’t be evicted for being unable to pay rent. Anyone who gets a notice to quit for non-payment, notice period is now 30 days, you can get a special form from your landlord. You can speak to Mass Fair Housing, Community Legal Assistance or Way Finders. Under the fair housing laws there are many protective categories any discriminatory statements break policy and speak with them to process through claims.

Agency Overview and Updates 1:20pm - 2:25pm

Rondey Allen: Crosspoint Clinical
Executive Director, specializing in Christian faith based mental health counseling. They serve anyone from different backgrounds, folks from various school and communities. Try to bridge the gap with faith and mental health. Meet with parents to talk about different faiths. Does an anger management class and pre-marital classes with couples. Promoting physical wellness through Mind, Body and Spirit, using exceptional clinical services. Revelation Wellness is a 9-week journey of faith, fitness and health, great structured process oriented group. Starting class for couples and women next week. Ongoing class called Purpose Posse; Christian faith and fitness community surrounding your wellness. For $20 a month you can be part of a community and have workouts, meditation, guidance with nutrition, people to check in with your personal goals.

Events at CrossPoint Clinical Services

Adair Medina: Holyoke Pediatrics
Medical Home Care Coordinator, no updates.

Alijah Leobruno: Elliot MSPCC
Survival Services: Offering 5 virtual Therapeutic groups; Healthy relationships support for Teenagers ages 15-18 (2/23 6-7), Movement and Mindfulness Group for youth 5-8 (Tuesday at 4), Caregivers Support Group starting next week (Tuesday 5-6), Pre-adoptive and Foster care group (2/25 12pm), all are part of the survivor services program and require eligibility screening, it is a grant funded program.

Allison Scott: AmeriCorps
Accepting application for AmeriCorps members interested in community services and professional development program. Also host sites to expand services with young people. Youth Forum on 3/31 with local elected officials in a virtual space.

DIAL/SELF AmeriCorps Program applications open for AmeriCorps Members (community service & professional development) and Site Partners (to host members to support youth). Youth Forum with Legislators on March 31st. Email me for more info,

Amanda Ortiz: Young Life Springfield
Non-Profit Christian organization that meets with youth in Springfield. Run fundraisers to send kids to summer camps. Cost of camps is around $700, fundraisers help out a lot.

Chief Amy Karengekis: AG Office
Located in Western MA at 1441 Main Street in Springfield. Savvy Senior Consumer Day with AG Healy 2/23 10:30-12pm. It will be a virtual event also listed on website. The AG Office will provide an overview of what they do to support seniors. Service providers will learn about preventative measures. The other event a virtual event on food insecurity on 2/24 2-3pm. Focused on municipal and school district leaders to connect you with tools and resources to combat food insecurities. Many resources available please see Ed’s email.

Upcoming Events - Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office Virtual Convening on Food Insecurity - February 24 at 2:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. Feel free to also include anyone working on and/or communicating with residents about food security issues in your office. Register at Senior Consumer Day with Attorney General Healey – February 23, 2021, 10:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Register at

Benson Patterson: Center for Human Development (CHD)
Benson is the youth service coordinator with the Center for Human Development, works in collaboration with DYS

Judge Bill Hadley: Holyoke District Court
On 1/11, started their new program out of Holyoke District Court, HEART. Holyoke Early Access and Recovery Treatment court working with Healings Communities Study grant with many partners. Ability to help those in court with students that are available virtually to talk with them and make an introduction to a recovery coach. If they need treatment, they have clinicians available by HCSD, available on demand. Recovery coaches could pick them up and bring them to where they need to be for treatment. If it’s medication, the Recovery Coach can walk them over to the Holyoke Health Center. Completely voluntary and opportunity to get immediate access to treatment to those in the court house. Nothing to do with criminal case, just to assist them in getting connected to a coach and treatment. They are also trying to create a diversion programming for people with nonviolent offenses. Looking to get folks into treatment, which can lead to dismissing their court case following a 90 day follow through with diversion.

Cass Pastorelle: Eagle Eye Institute
Program director of Eagle Eye Institute. Offer hands on outdoor learning program for youth in Holyoke. They are recruiting students that are underrepresented in the outdoors. Offer a summer training program in the Berkshires for a paid internship; also offer a weeklong teen internship version as well.

Cass Pastorelle, Program Director, Eagle Eye Institute, We are recruiting for a paid summer internship opportunity for college students and recent grads!

Cindy Colangione: Big Brothers Big Sisters
Working with Ed on Holyoke initiative to match more kids in Holyoke. Some of you have mentioned you will like to mentor, we have sent out some applications. We are in the process of taking in quite a few kids from Holyoke High School.

Dimasco Santiago: Tapestry
Partnered up with Wildflower Alliance on High St. in Holyoke, weekly testing from 10-2. Will have a Valentine’s testing event here on site at 306 Race Street for any participants that want to test for HIV, Hep C, Syphilis, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, with a little care package to go along with it as well. Continuing their monthly syringe pick up on the second Saturday of each month, we invite the community to meet at 306 Race Street and go into the community to pick up discarded syringes.

Deputy Ernst Jean-Louis: HCSD
Nothing to report.

Trooper DeShawn Brown: MA State Police
Community Police Liaison position to assist the Western MA Community. Looking to improve community relations with the police and the community. Assist any Western MA community with whatever they can.

Trooper DeShawn A. Brown, Massachusetts State Police, B Troop Community Liaison Officer, 413-587-5623 (desk),

Det. Dorothy Beben: Holyoke Police Department
Narcotic Intervention detective, to assist people that are struggling with addiction in the city. If you know of anyone who is struggling with substance abuse disorder reach out to her, she will point them into the right direction. Work on getting folks connected to a recovery coach or get them into a detox.

Hello Everyone! If you know of anyone who is looking to seek information about recovery or need to get in to a Detox facility please direct them to me.
Holyoke Police Community Center - 413- 650-0314 Det. Beben or Det. Emiterio 413-650-0546.

Yesenia Cruz: Adcare
Community Service Representative for Adcare. In patient detox in Worcester and Rhode Island. Provide transportation to and from sites. They also have outpatient services in West Springfield done virtually, do offer out patient service with individual and family counselling, as well as groups.

Yesenia Cruz- Adcare Hospital- 508-713-1710. We provide inpatient and outpatient services to those with a substance use disorder. Happy to present to more in depth if there is a need! Reach out anytime.

Diosdado Lopez-Martinez: Fallon Health
Works for Fallon Health with folks over the age of 65 with Medicaid and Medicare, provide different services PCA, transportation, not for pay for medication.

413-275-5243 Diosdado Lopez-Martinez, Fallon Health /NaviCare. Mass Health 65 years old and over.

Erika Hensel: Tapestry
Overdose engagement coordinator. Pushing for Narcan and Narcan Training to resume. Want to get Narcan in the hands of as many folks as possible. If you know anyone that wants training or Narcan, please reach out if interested.
Erika Hensel, Overdose Engagement Coordinator- Tapestry. Free Narcan and Narcan Training: (413) 316-4636,

Flor Diaz: Holyoke/Chicopee WIC
Still working full force remotely, all appointment done over the phone, accepting new participants. They have an online application at In charge of diaper bank in Holyoke WIC Diaper Bank and are by appointment only and are accepting new diaper donations and looking for other ways to expand. If you know any families in need of diapers, please reach out to Flor.

Flor Diaz/Holyoke-Chicopee WIC / Diaper Bank (413) 612-0214

Giselle Vizcarando: A Caring Heart Nursing Service
Giselle Vizcarrondo A Caring Heart Nursing Service we offer in home personal care services to Individuals 22 years and older who lives in Public Housing my number is 4135358455 my email is

Hilda Roque: Nuestra Raices
Nonprofit in Holyoke, they represent agriculture, economic development and do community gardens. People pay $30 fee for the whole season to grow whatever they want to grow, currently taking applications. They have community farm for those that want to farm commercially at 24 Jones Ferry Road on a ½ acre. They are hiring for farm manager/maintenance and she will leave information in the chat. They also have an event space for those that want to rent out along with conference room. They have commercial kitchens for those who want to start their own food related business; both kitchens are licensed through the city of Holyoke and the Board of Health.

She also represents Habitation Church, and they have event for families for kids’ portraits on March 6th from 10-2pm. By appointment only, there will be activities going on that day at the church, so parents may be able to have pictures taken with their youth.

If you want to learn more about Nuestras Raices and participate at one of our programs please contact Sue Colon (413) 535-1789 x 209 or Hilda Roque (413) 535-1789 x 205. Our website is we can also be reached through Facebook and Instagram social Media (Nuestras Raices)

Jac Essing: Dial Self/AmeriCorps House of Colors
En Lace De Familias. Run a program for LGBTQ youth for peer support, homework help, virtual game nights, all programming is on line. If you know youth who are exploring their sexual identity, she is happy to connect with them.

Jac Essing: House of Colors for LGBTQ+ youth and young adults in Hampden County;

James Biscoe: Cleanslate
Area manager for Cleanslate, which is a local Medication Assisted Treatment Center, offices in Holyoke, Springfield, and West Springfield.

Good afternoon everyone. My name is James Biscoe, Area Manager for CleanSlate. We specialize in medication assisted treatment for those suffering with substance use disorder primarily with suboxone and vivitrol. Offices in the area include Holyoke on Race Street, Springfield on Main Street, and West Springfield on Memorial Ave. Please feel free to contact me for more information or for referral info.

Jeffrey Hayden: Holyoke Community College
Vice President of Business and Community Services at Holyoke Community College. They have a number of adult educations for ESOL and workforce development, placed information in the chat.;

Jen Sordi: Hampden County Sheriff’s Department
Oversee the re-entry services and excited to report that with the introduction of the COVID vaccinations, we are excited to open our doors and allow providers, interns, contractors to come back in the facility and do all the wonderful things they have done pre-COVID. Phase 1 will be for those individuals that have received both vaccinations.

Jennifer Kinsman: United Way of Pioneer Valley
Jennifer Kinsman, United Way of Pioneer Valley. Today is Mass 211 Day, so please remember to refer people looking for social services to call 211. We also host Call2Talk, for emotional support and suicide prevention, in our Springfield office. Just dial 211 and ask for Call2Talk.

Jocelyn Sullivan: Survivor Services MSPCC
Here to remind everyone of our services for those ages 3-21. Work with those that have dealt with five types of trauma; survivor of homicide, sexual abuse, neglect, physical abuse, survivor of to community violence and witness to domestic violence. Wait list in Holyoke office is pretty short.

Jose Bou: Holyoke Public School
Director of Family and Community Engagement, getting ready to open school Pre-K to Kindergarten. Every two week they will introduce a couple more grades. Opening up a campus learning center for middle schoolers that are having issue with connectivity. Working with several community members to distribute 400 food boxes for folks that are quarantined, working with Board of Health and School Department. If anyone can identify folks, please refer to Jose.

Gisell Vizcarrondo: A Caring Heart Nursing Service
Giselle Vizcarrondo A Caring Heart Nursing Service we offer in home personal care services to Individuals 22 years and older who lives in Public Housing my number is 4135358455 my email is

Juan Anderson Burgos: Ward 6 City Councilor and Office of State Rep. Pat Duffy
Ward 6 Councilor and Aide to State Rep. Duffy. Thank you for being here and thank you for all the work that you are doing.

Kiki Thorne: ROCA
Works with food stamps and getting verifications and also does community outreach. Please refer those that need food stamps as everything is online and she can assist across the state for those that are eligible. “When you are hungry it is hard to be successful.” You can refer homeless and folks that are getting out of jail.

Lauren Carpenter: Holyoke Medical Center
She is an addictions nurse for the Holyoke Medical Center. Part of the recovery support team and addiction consult service along with Ryan Papargiris who is also online. Help connect patients to medications for Opioid or medication alcohol abuse disorders, whether in ED or on floors, a good way to get people where they are at.

Lauren Carpenter, RN, CARN, Recovery Support Nurse at Holyoke Medical Center. HMC also has the Comprehensive Care Center (CCC) on the 4th floor, an outpatient center for medications for opioid use disorder and alcohol use disorder, utilizing buprenorphine/naloxone (SC and SL) and naltrexone (PO and IM). For questions regarding either the inpatient addiction consult service or CCC, please feel free to reach out. P: 413-534-2897 E:

Luz Lopez: Metro Care Springfield
Adult foster care group/provider. Regional advisory committee with Baystate Medical Center and nine other of area hospital and providers along with Health New England. Every three year they come together to identify the needs of the people in Western, MA and how they can address those needs. Report should be coming out in 2022. Looking for people that are interested in participating in focus groups, also being interviewed and participating in community chats. Will send information to Ed to help get the information out.

Migaly Colon: Commonwealth Care Alliance
Holyoke/Chicopee areas and looking to collaborate with everyone. Currently have one care program 21-64. Senior care program over the age of 65 for those low-income people that meet criteria for Masshealth. If you have any questions reach out, information is in the chat.

Magaly Colon 413-272-8309/email

Margie Gilberti: Department of Children and Families
No updates but want to remind everyone that they cover Holyoke and in addition 13 other cities and towns.

Maryann Linnehan: Western Mass Elder Care
Working remotely on helping the most vulnerable and helping the 75 and older population to get their vaccinations. Resource line 211 for vaccination, have over 700 operators taking calls. Have a new system that the person that is with the elder for the vaccination appointment can also receive a vaccination, which can make the elders feel more comfortable. Call their office and help navigate through process. Instituted a new system of caretaker that goes with elder is able to get vaccinated also. Actively recruit paid drivers for Meals on Wheels Program. They have mileage reimbursement. Open for any applicants for full/part time.

Mckenzie Umrysz: Healthy Families
Intake/Outreach coordinator for the Healthy Families Program in Holyoke, also cover Chicopee and Westfield, have other offices throughout the state. Goal is to support first time parents under the age of 21 with parenting supports. Currently accepting referrals for Spanish/English families. They are currently doing everything virtually. Incentive program where participants can earn “Baby Bucks”, for various visits and assessments, parents love the program. Looking to collaborate and make connections with agencies. Willing to go to agencies to do presentations for their staff.

McKenzie Umrysz, Intake and Outreach for Healthy Families program. Accepting referrals open to doing presentations. Email:, 781-482-4324

Megan Gross: Bilingual Language Lab at UMASS Amherst
Director of Bilingual Language Lab at UMass. Focus is supporting language and communication needs. Working with One Holyoke and Holyoke Public Schools. Share resources with families and professionals for bilingual language developments. Would like to share career with youth and how to pursue educationally. Writing grant for parents that have a child on the Autism spectrum. Looking for input from agencies who work directly with families, regarding the grant, will reach out more about that in March. Would like to share information with youth about what it is to be a speech language pathologist or ideologist to learn about those careers to see if they are interested in pursuing.

Meghan Lemay: Alzheimer’s Association
Regional Manager at the Alzheimer’s Association in Western MA. Free program and run 24/7 helpline for questions about Alzheimer’s and Dementia. You can always reach out her to request an education program or presentation and can refer families to them for free services.

Meghan Lemay, Regional Manager Alzheimer's Association Feel free to reach out to me for information on our free programs: 24/7 Helpline: 800-272-3900

Melany Mendoza: Mass Mentoring Partnership
Manager of community engagement for MMP in Western Mass. MMP is a statewide program ensuring that every young person has access to high quality relationships, regardless of who they are or where they live. Partner with corporate, public, philanthropic entities, schools to support youth serving organizations. We are running an AmeriCorps program; we have 23 AmeriCorps Ambassadors for mentoring working with youth serving organizations around the state. Currently have an RFP for new host sights, if you need additional information you can reach out to Melany.
Mass Mentoring Partnership. Build Capacity and Strengthen you program with an AmeriCorps Ambassador of Mentoring. We will be placing 23 AmeriCorps Ambassadors of Mentoring for the 2021-22 service years to support mentoring and youth-serving programs throughout Massachusetts.

Michael Romano: Valley Opportunity Council
Advisor at VOC in Chicopee. ESOL have 4 levels, Adult basic Ed, special program for out of school youth, which provides then with employment support and educational support to assist them in getting their Hi-Set. Open spaces in all programs and please refer.

Mike Romano, Adult Ed, Valley Opportunity Council in Chicopee:, 413-612-0206

Michelle Daries: Department of Children and Families
Foster Care/Adoption recruiter. They have a constant need for foster parents across the state. They provide information session twice a week in English. They have a Spanish language session every other week. Please pass along information to those are interested. In addition, looking for agencies/businesses to host virtual banners, in places of workshop about Foster Care and what they do.

Shellie Daries DCF- Foster Care Recruiter. Foster Care Information sessions Monday’s at 5:30 pm, Thursday at 10:00 am, Spanish Lang Info Sessions Friday's at 6:00 pm. If anyone can host a virtual flyer please reach out to me. Thank you!

Nayroby Rosa Soriano: OneHolyoke CDC
Received $30,000 COVID related grant and rented space in front of C-TOWN handing out PPE distribution, masks, gloves and sanitization stations. Also received a grant from TUFTS Foundation to provide education around the vaccine. Glad Jose shared about getting food boxes to families that are COVID positive/quarantined. Program will be hosting annual volunteer recognition dinner virtually surrounding the work of the volunteers and One Holyoke CDC. Kicking off their clean ups for April 22nd Earth Day at 10 am. and 413-409-2004

Girelys Ramires: Girl Scouts of Central and Western Mass
Nothing new to report.

Officer Colon: Holyoke Police Department
Community police Officer out of 208 Race Street, Suite 201

Rebecca Bartle: Gandara
Hello Everyone- I have to sign off but I am the TM Supervisor at Gandara in Holyoke. We are still working with youth up until age 21. Currently we are working through telehealth but hope to offer some face to face soon. If you have any questions you can reach out

Rebecca Lisi: City Councilor at Large
Any issues in neighborhood with your agencies or those that you represent please reach out and let her know you need help. St Patrick’s Day parade is cancelled for a 2nd year. She is working with a bunch of folks to decorate shoe boxes and create a Virtual Shoe Box Parade and paste together videos for a virtual parade.

Rebecca Lisi, Holyoke City Councilor,
Holyoke Shoebox Parade (virtual event)
Rebecca Lisi, City Councilor

Ryan Papargiris: Holyoke Medical Center
Recovery support coordinator works with Lauren at Holyoke Medical Center, social workers and recovery coaches. Anyone that comes into hospital and is looking for support can meet with team and get referred to treatment as necessary. Any questions, feel free to reach out.

Ryan Papargiris, Recovery Support Coordinator at Holyoke Medical Center,

Sam Sharpe: HCSD Ward 1
HSNI website has new community forum. Any resource that you can think of as a hub to get connected to or to speak with coordinators contact information is listed. Ed stated that it is a place where a community resident could place a note in the open forum for follow up.

The Website for the community forums to communicate, volunteer or partner up is WWW.SHSNI.ORG

Sara Roper: ROCA
I have another meeting to jump into. We are still accepting referrals for high risk young adults, male and female, 17-24. Contact me at if you want to discuss someone who may utilize our services. Thank you all for the information and all you do!

Sandy Ward: Friends of the Holyoke Public Library
Library staff is still working in building and could provide curbside pick-up, not allowing the public to enter the building, but they are still providing services. Teen Librarian are doing virtually programming online.

Deputy Sean Garvey: HCSD Ward 2
Working out of 208 Race Street and Ward 2 Coordinator.

Sean Hudkins: Retreat at Norwich Lake
Lodging on the Norwich Lake 100 acres programming on a faith base level for a weeklong opportunity for kids to get away. Work with Angel Tree and others. Part of a larger organization called, Timothy Hill. One of the primary focuses is on transitional housing, holistic approach taking folks through a 12–18-month program. Appreciate all the efforts of community. Thanked all the agencies for all their efforts as their theme is Transformation through Love.

Sean Hudkins Retreat at Norwich Lake (Timothy Hill) 413-207-3142

Chief Sean McBride: Holyoke District Court
Nothing to report.

Shannon Sarkisian: Holyoke Community College
Community outreach/admissions counselor at Holyoke Community College. If you or your clients are looking to get back to school reach out to her. March 29th is their next flex start date for 7-week program. They have a grant from Department of Development Services. Anyone that works for a DDS vendor agency can do their entire certificate for $50 per class, includes text books. Contact Shannon if you have any questions.; 413-552-2012

Sheryl Eaton: WestMass Elder Care
Sheryl Eaton Money Management Program at WestMass ElderCare. Great Group thanks for the invite, Have to attend another meeting. sorry.

Shirley Rodriguez: Public Health Institute of Western MA – 413 Cares
Working on 413 Cares. It is an online community resource database that provides a one stop shopping for your resources / job trainings etc. Can list free or reduced cost programs, ESOL, mentoring for youth and families. They can cater to certain programs on what they can list. If you want more information, please reach out and she will do presentation for your organization. A great one stop shop for both community agencies and residents. System also has the ability to check on status of referrals.

Connect with me to learn how to list your programs on and start receiving referrals or schedule a demo with you and your staff. Please email me at

Sophie Maki: MA Fair Housing Center
If you know of anyone that has experienced housing discrimination, please refer to them. Still have funding if you know of anyone experiencing eviction surrounding COVID. Available to answer questions or provide training to any group you work with about housing discrimination and common issues.

Massachusetts Fair Housing Center - 413-539-9796.

Terry Lombardo: Holyoke, Chicopee and Springfield Head start
Have opening for their virtual preschool classrooms. Very easy for parents to apply, right on the website. email me at

Zelmaris Ramirez: YWCA
YPS Counselor at YWCA in Western Mass. Provide for services for the youth/children that are pregnant. Provide a safe place for women/children that are in crisis. Help with housing and childcare and job training. They are accepting referrals; if you need information feel free to email Zelmaris.

YWCA helping western mass youth with resources feel free to contact me for additional information at

Zoraida Fontanez: Summit ElderCAre Pace - Fallon Health
Summit ElderCare Pace is a government funded medical program for those 55 years or older living independently in the community that are managing chronic care conditions. Combine health insurance with medical care. Located at 101 Wason Ave in Springfield. Have many resources within office to help assess clinically and help qualify for Medicaid. Don’t have to have Fallon or Masshealth. It is a no cost health insurance option for them. Partner with assisted living and can have as an option for folks that couldn’t normally qualify for that option. You can contact Zoraida if you want to come in for tour whether personal or professional.

Hello, Zoraida Fontanez. Summit Eldercare PACE Fallon Health 413-304-1095 PACE is All-Inclusive Care Program for individuals that are 55 years of age and older who may be managing chronic care conditions. PACE combines health insurance, medical care and social support under one umbrella. Please reach out with any questions.

Zoraida Fontanez - Summit Eldercare PACE/ Fallon Health Located at 101 Wason Avenue Spfld ... Please feel free in reaching me directly at 413-304-1095 or by email

Art Lobdell: Boy Scouts of America
Serve young men and women grades K-21, nothing new to report.

Art Lobdell, Western Mass Council, BSA Youth Programs for boys and girls Grade K- Age 21 413 594 9196 ext. 7034

Eddie talked about their Best of Seven Virtual Basketball Experience, which is held on Zoom on Friday nights. Thanked all the coaches and volunteers that have been with them year after year. All the kids in basketball league did a drive thru backpack pick up with the 34 families. Have already identified families that are in need of their support. Ed thanked everyone for continuing to come and support and refer other agencies to attend the network meetings.

He will send out email for the save the date back to school event, which has been held since 2012. He will include a sponsor packet because they have a budget of $19,500 for this year. Youth resource guide is $5,400 of that expense that is distributing at event. They give away 2,000 back packs every year with the partnership with Holyoke Public Schools. Ed stated that this year’s Back-to-School event will be the best they have ever had!

In 2020, they serviced 2,900 people at 10 individual drive thru events and Sodexo prepared and provided all the food. The initiative wants to continue to brainstorm different areas with agencies to get more bang for a buck. He explained with the comprehensive issues in our community, we can get more out of agencies working together, rather than agencies working alone.

Old Business / New Business
Next Meeting is Thursday, March 11th, 2021 (ZOOM)

Close Meeting 2:30pm

Contact Information:
Edward Caisse
Hampden County Sheriff’s Department
(413) 858-0225
Friend Request us on Facebook @ Shsni Holyoke

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