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October 2022

Ed Caisse

October 13 2022

Virtual Networking Meeting

Holyoke Safe Neighborhood Initiative
Meeting Notes

Date: October 13th, 2022
Time: 1:00pm – 2:30 pm
Place: Zoom meeting

Mission Statement: The Holyoke Safe Neighborhood Initiative is a partnership between local, state & federal law enforcement; city & state government; civic & human service organizations; faith based organizations; the business community; education providers; property managers; and residents coming together with a goal to create safe, healthy & economically viable neighborhoods through information sharing, identifying at-risk youth, referrals and community efforts in specific Holyoke neighborhoods.

Welcome & Introduction 1:00pm - 1:05pm
Beth Fraster: Mass Mentoring Partnership 1:05pm - 1:20pm
Thank you so much. It is a pleasure to be here today. Many of you have seen me before; I’ve been at this meeting before, and I’ve been around Holyoke for a number of years. I am Beth Fraster; my pronouns are she, her, and hers. I’m the chief program officer at Mass Mentoring. Many of you might also know Melany Mendoza, she is our manager of community engagement. Her office is in Holyoke, but she does everything in Western Mass for us. She holds the connect meetings and gets people who are doing mentoring and networking to talk. We’re involved in many projects throughout Western Mass, but I’m here today to talk about one special project: the Community Credible Messengers Planning Project. I’ve been here before to talk about it. We’re working with JDAI and a consultant out in Western Mass, Beth Walker, to assess and talk to the community about a mentoring model called transformative mentoring or credible messengers. The reason we’re interested in this model is that we want to promote relationships as a lever to support young people in the court system. We’re trying to first learn from the community about what we know about this and what’s being done in the community around building relationships around young people, for young people, and with young people to lift them up to navigate both their lives at the moment and their lives moving forward. Not only to help them today but to build agencies, as they move forward in their lives and help them move away from the court system.
We know through a lot of research that once young people get on this trajectory, it’s really hard to get off that path. We also know that relationships make a huge difference. This credible messenger model started in California, it’s been replicated all over, and it can be tweaked and adapted, but the best way that it happens is when the community owns it. The credible messenger model believes in and honors the lived experience of community members, and it only works when we really honor and believe in people who have lived experiences in all kinds of ways that resonate with the young people of our community. We’re learning from providers of people who work with these young people, from credible messengers, about what they do, how they see themselves in this community, how they get supported in the community, and what they think would work in this community. We’re learning from young people themselves about where they find relationships, how they get connected to adults in their lives, and who it is that really helps them. We will then gather all this data and hold our community meeting to discuss it.
I’m looking for anybody with ideas about where I could get young people who have experience in the court system who would be willing to come to a focus group or talk to me individually. Anyone who participates gets a $25 gift certificate, and for focus groups, we have food because food is the best way to talk. If you know people who identify as credible messengers, whom you think has something to share or would want to be a part of this, I would be happy to either meet with them in a focus group or individually. We’re also looking for youth workers, anybody who works in the area who might have ideas about the system and the systems they work in, and what they know about young people in relationships. Finally, families and caregivers who have had experience in the court system and have observed young people in their relationships but also know about these relationships through their own experiences. I’m happy to gather with them either individually on zoom or in person. We want to acknowledge all the participants’ time and give them gift cards and food. All the people who are part of the focus groups, the data we’re collecting, and all of you on the zoom meeting will be invited to this community meeting to discuss both pros and cons and understand more.
We’re hoping to bring in folks from New York, both young people who have gone through the program and people who run the credible messenger mentoring program, to share their model with us and talk more about it. I’m going to put my e-mail in the chat. You can e-mail me, and I will get back to you right away, or you can put your name in the chat, and I will reach out to you. If you think that you can collect some people or you would just like to talk to me, if you want more information about this, you can talk to me. I also want to let you know that we’re having a symposium on November 10th. It’s called Belonging and Equity and Promoting Belonging and Equity through relationships. William Evans from New York City is running a workshop, so if you also want to meet someone who’s been doing transformative mentoring or credible messengers, he’s going to be running a workshop for us. I had great conversations with him, and I can send you the link to his work if you’re interested. I also want to say that the beauty of credible messengers is that it’s about healing together. Credible messengers believe that everyone is getting healthier and better together; therefore, communities are healing collectively. I just wanted to put that out there, and Mass Mentoring just wanted to bring this as an opportunity for anyone. Any organization who thinks they would want to be a part of or like something you would want to do, we just wanted to bring this as an opportunity. If you’re interested, I’m open to any questions. I’m going to look at this chat box or e-mail me.

I also want to say that JDAI is very much a part of this. Judge Nielsen was a driving force in getting us started, so I will be in touch with her. We’d love some Probation Officers to be involved. We’d also love anyone who knows anybody in the court who would love to be interviewed.

Agency Overview and Updates 1:20pm - 2:25pm
Yvonne Lomax: Westover Job Corps
Good afternoon, Ed, and hello everyone. Happy October Westover Job Corps is excited that we are all the way there from COVID. We are now accepting tours on campus on Wednesday, so if there are any partners, or young people, or anyone that just wants to know more about the Westover Program, please feel free to see my information in the chat. I put my name, e-mail, and phone number. We are open and we are accepting young people and we are excited to get back to our 437 OBS of young people that we can carry and proud to say it. Also, if there is anyone out there looking for community service, help, and assistance, we're able, hopefully, to bring ourselves and students out into the community to assist. Thank you and please feel free to reach out.

Yesenia Cruz: ADCare
Hi everyone, hi Ed. My name is Yesenia Cruz. I'm a Community Service Rep for ADCare and American Addiction Centers. What I do is I work out in the community with providers or folks that are seeking substance use services. I encourage any of you, if you work with anyone that's struggling with substance use and potentially need an additional resource to reach out to me and connect with me, so I can be a resource for you. We offer a variety of services, inpatient and outpatient. I'm happy to talk more about it offline, but I'm here anytime you need me and my contact information is in the chat.

Thais Rivera: Trulieve
Hi everybody. I am Thais Rivera. I work for Trulieve; a company that is located here in Holyoke. I joined because I have a lot of ties to the community. I often refer a lot of our employees to services in the area. So, I'm here to this collect information. I may reach out to some of you if I find that you are offering something that will be helpful. I'll be sharing my information. In the chat and if you guys have any information or questions for me, feel free to reach out.

Sheryl Maldonado: WayFinders
Hi, good afternoon. My name is Sheryl Maldonado. I’m a new Vista member at WayFinders. I am Resident Engagement Leadership Coordinator. I am here to hear what is going on in the community of Holyoke. I have been working in Holyoke and Springfield, if you need me; I'm going to leave my phone number and my e-mail in the chat so you can reach me.

Shannon Burke: Holyoke Pediatrics
Shannon Burke had no audio but left her information in the chat.

Shaylyn Kempema
No audio

Sarah Lynn: MSPCC Prevention
No audio

Sandy Ward: Funeral Consumers Alliance of Western Massachusetts
Hi Ed, thank you. I'm a Volunteer with the Funeral Consumers Alliance of Western Massachusetts. We've just released our every two year price. We got an 81% response rate from the 85 Funeral Home locations in the four counties of Western Massachusetts this year, which is great. All of that's on our website now, in a very handy sortable table, so you can sort it out by town or by pricelist. In the chat, I put information about our upcoming annual program and meeting this coming Sunday afternoon, it's free and open to all. Four different people will be speaking about their experiences when caring for a loved one right at the end of life and early death care. It’s called Death Care with Love: Vision and Surprises. They'll tell us about their experiences. You could come in person or by remote zoom. I've made a direct link to the news on our website, so you could find out where it is and how to get the zoom link. Hope to see some of you there. Thank you.

Robin Siniaho: Holyoke Public Library
Hi, I'm the teen librarian here at the Holyoke Public Library. The library always has a lot of things going on. We have tons of programming. We have lots of resources to offer our community partners, we have meeting spaces, and we have some programming budget. So in case there's a speaker or something that your organization wants to have for the community and maybe you don't have all the budgeting for it, we could partner on something like that. Feel free to reach out to me. I'll put my information in the chat. Also, we're always willing to come do outreach and do some mobile library services at different organizations. If you guys can think of any way that you would like to use the library resources. Please reach out to me; we have a lot of things available. Thank you.

Stephanie Colon: Mass in Motion
Hi, everybody, my name is Stephanie Colon. I am the Mass in Motion Coordinator for Holyoke. We work with active and healthy living in the city. I also work in the Office of Planning and Economic Development. This Saturday, Holyoke is hosting A Day in the Yolk, we have doors open where businesses are opening their doors for tours. There is also the Paper City Food Festival. Mass in Motion is going to have a table at the registration area in the Holyoke Heritage State Park., with a small survey for residents of Holyoke. Thank you and hope to see you guys this Saturday.

Officer Josh Colon: Holyoke Police Department
Hello everybody I’m Officer Colon, Holyoke Police Department. At the moment we have no updates.

Nayroby Rosa Soriano: OneHolyoke
Hi everyone, Nayroby Rosa here from OneHolyoke. A lot a lot going on, as Stephanie mentioned. This Saturday OneHolyoke will be participating in the doors open event. We will be opening our Net Zero Modular home for a tour, if people want to check it out. We'll be doing bike tours around the city for murals and little library. We'll also be selling books for people to purchase, and all the proceeds will be going to the Puerto Rico Relief Fund. Tomorrow we will be doing and event with the Superintendent and the state board of Education Rep for Report Card on the Schools, a discussion about MCAT results and what's going on with the rezoning and what we could provide support to the black community. The Community dinner is coming up, we will share the save the dates, but it will be December 14th. We will be able to do an indoor event at Kelley School this year. So, I will be reaching out to everybody for volunteers, sponsors, and support of this big event. It'll be first time since 2019 that we're hosting it indoors, so we're really excited to be able to do that over in the flats. Other than that, just check out our website. I'll put my contact and website in the chat and our Facebook so that people can check out what we're doing. If you want to do something and be kept busy, just reach out.
Professor Miguel Arce: Springfield College
Thank you Ed for creating this forum for people to talk; it's really remarkable to see all the things that people are doing. It’s a blessing to see so many familiar faces of people that I've known over the years that are doing great things, including you. I don't have any announcements, except that, I'm available to chat with anyone that wants to talk about continuing their professional education at either an undergraduate level or graduate level. I'm not promoting a school, I just sit down and I think education is really important to meet the demands of our society. Please feel free to reach out. I promise you I don't have any hidden agenda, except to allow people to continue their education.

Melany Mendoza: Mass Mentoring Partnership
Hi everyone, my name is Melany Mendoza from Mass Mentoring Partnership. I'm the manager of community engagement for Mass Mentoring. I represent Western Mass. Mass Mentoring Partnership does a lot of partnerships with a community agency, especially youth development, and we work with the public schools to support mentoring and relationships when they happen. One announcement that we have that is really great for us is that we are celebrating our 30 year anniversary on November 10th. So, we are going to have a symposium at the Encore Hotel, a hotel and casino right in Boston. In the morning, we will have some fabulous speakers, including our local Isabelle, who will be presenting and we have other presenter. In the evening, we have an informal for people to gather and celebrate at 30 year anniversary of our organization supporting mentoring and youth development programs throughout the state. So I'm going to put my information, anyone who wants to connect for this or for any other work that from Mass Mentoring, feel free to connect. Thank you.

Lieutenant Maria Pelchar: Holyoke Fire Department
I truly don't have anything to say other than to report, if you need anything from the Fire Department, I am your connection. If you need a fire truck at your school or your event, let me know. My information is in the chat.

Liz Plouffe: City of Easthampton
Hi everybody, I am the social worker for the city of East Hampton, nothing new this week. I am just here for resources to share with my families. Thanks.

Liv Anna Homestead: Public Health Institute of Western Massachusetts
I'm Liv Anna Homestead. I am a coalition building manager with the Public Health Institute of Western Massachusetts. I want to share a couple updates and opportunities. We have two open positions at the Public Health Institute that I can share links to. One is a coordinator position for our 413Cares online community resource database platform. Another one is to help with a healthy air project we have going on, as well as, some communications work. So Ed, I know you sent those out yesterday via e-mail, but I'll put them in the chat for those of you who are inundated with too many emails. We are really hoping to find people who are outgoing and speak Spanish as a plus because we're trying to serve more people among our more communities in our region that speak Spanish. So I’ll put those links in the chat. Also, I work on our 413Cares online community resource database platform, if anyone has any questions about that, you can always reach out to me. We want to make sure it's as robust as possible and the programs are as up to date as possible. Lastly, I'm working on a grant that we have from Nature, which is about harm reduction and overdose prevention in Hampden County. We have several partners we're working on with that and are looking forward to a big anti stigma campaign rolling out with Gandara who is leading that part of our work plan. So I'll be really excited to share that with you once it's ready in the next month. We have two upcoming trainings. One is called “Infinite Pathways to Recovery” Choice Recovery Coaching is providing that for us on November 3rd and 4th. It's a half-day online training for professionals in recovery and addiction, but really anybody who wants to learn how to better support people that are using drugs and on their path to recovery. I can put a registration link for that in the chat. There is no cost, so I'm working with our trainer to fix that on their website. There's a cost that's listed, but that's going to be corrected. Another training is “Beyond the Call” and that's a specific training for first responders. Any fire or police departments here that are interested may be eligible for that. I'll put that in the chat as well. I’ll also share flyers when we have those ready.

Deputy Liandro Gonzalez: Hampden County Sheriff's Dept.
Hello everyone, Liandro Gonzalez Hampton County Sheriff's Department, I have nothing to report at this time.
Krystyna Boisjolie: RFK Community Alliance
Hi, I'm here with Bianca Frederick. We are both with RFK Community Alliance. We don't have too much in terms of updates today. However, we are going to be going to a career fair at Springfield College next week. I believe it's on the 19th from 10 to 12 and we will be presenting some of our openings. We have quite a few openings in our residential program as well as our private day school. I don't know if others will be there, but if so, I will see you there and that's all we have in terms of updates today. Thanks for having us.

Kevin Noonan: El Colibri
Thank you for the invitation. I want to echo with what Professor Arce said, thank you for convening this group. We are a new organization called El Colibri and we are seeking to support women who are in Holyoke, unsupported or unsheltered right now. There are many agencies that are doing good work. There's just more women than can be accommodated, so that's what we're doing. We're still in the information gathering phase and hopefully we can come up with a plan to help ameliorate the situation this winter. Thank you.

Julio Torres: Mass Fair Housing
Hello everybody, Julio here from Mass Fair Housing, no updates at the moment, thank you.

Julia Popkin: Community Legal Aid
Hi, I'm Julia Popkin. I'm a staff attorney at Community legal aid, but I'm actually going to defer to Corrine Ryan, the managing attorney, to give any updates.

Juan Anderson Burgos: Office of Representative Duffy
Hello everyone. My name is Juan Anderson Burgos; I'm the legislative aide to Representative Duffy. Our office really connects our constituents to many, many, many services. What I've been very successful at is if you have any constituents, or colleagues, or anyone that's having issues with unemployment, I'm very successful at that. Also with ID's, I've established a relationship with the head person at the RMV, so I'm very successful at that as well. Nothing is too small. Nothing is too big. Anything that you're having issues with, please contact our office. We're here at your service, thank you.

John McCarthy: USCIS Citizenship and Immigration Services
Good afternoon, I have 3 short items for you today. I'm from USCIS Citizenship and Immigration Services. Just an announcement, we received on the 29th of September that within the district we had nine agencies that had received grant from USCIS for the citizenship program. Six of those agencies are in the state of Massachusetts, so that's very good news for us. The other item I have is that, we've been doing programs, immigration information programs, virtually with the Boston Public Library. First in person for years and for the last several years during COVID, we've been doing those virtually. We've been on a hold for the last two or three months, but we're starting back in again in November, so if you're interested, you can find the information on the Boston website, under the event section. The final thing that I have is that my job as the Community Relation officer is to provide people information about filing for immigration benefits and if there's any agency or a group of individuals that are out there that want information about any particular immigration benefit, please get in touch with me. My contact information is in the chat. Whatever information that we come out and we provide, I prefer to do it virtually, would be free of charge, so please get in touch with me, thank you. Thank you.

Jill McKeon: Dept. of Children and Families
Hi everybody, definitely glad it's Friday tomorrow. I am here to build community partnerships and find out about all the great resources. That's about it for the updates, thank you.

Jen Fernandes: THRIVE
Hi, everybody. I'm Jenna Fernandes. I'm a financial coach with the THRIVE program, which is part of the United Way of Pioneer Valley. Thrive is our financial literacy program. It's free and open to anyone in the community. We cover all aspects in the financial world. We work on budgeting and debt reduction, savings, banking, improving credit scores, credit reports, it's a great program. I also wanted to add that I put it in the chat that we are now starting drive classes. They’re six weeks, so each class is a specific topic per week, so banking, budgeting, savings, credit, and the Cliff effect. We do it in a round table style, so it's more interactive and engaging. I'm actually doing three at the same time right now and they're going really well. So again, I put that in the chat. Ed, I'll send you out an e-mail as well with that flyer. Any questions, I put my phone number in the chat as well if any organizations are interested in doing those classes. A couple other quick things, just a reminder if people don't know, we have two pantries. We have one in our Springfield cupboard here at 1441 Main St in Springfield. It's open on Tuesdays from 2:30 to 4:30 and Wednesday from 9:00 to 1:00. If people want to get food, we have the pantry. We also have the Chicopee Pantry which is open Tuesday, Wednesdays and Thursday, so that's on Exchange St. We are also having our Boo Bash on Sunday, October 30th from 11:00 to 3:00 in the park right next to United Way across from Tower Square. I don't remember the name of it, but, we're having that as well. Any questions, people can just shout out or give me a call.
Rob Crawford: Springfield Department Health Human Services
Good afternoon everyone, Rob Crawford here with Springfield Department Health Human Services substance prevention. Nothing to report, but if there are any efforts being done with youth, please give me a shout through my e-mail, which is my name. Additionally, the FDA in the area is still recruiting youth for their tobacco compliance programs. So, if you'd like more information on that, please contact me at the e-mail address in my name. Thank you.

Maria Chambers: BHN
Hey everyone, I'm Maria Chambers, I'm a senior program manager at BHN. The only update I have is that we're doing a bunch of job fairs and career fairs at the local colleges this month. Next Thursday the 20th, I will be at Western New England University from 12 to 2, so hopefully I'll see some of you there. We will have some resources and information regarding any positions that we have open.

Jason Comcowhich: Nuestra Raices
Hi there, I am the community engagement coordinator with Nuestra Raices. I'm interested in forming partnerships around youth food skills and nutrition as well as, leadership around food security programming. I'm also hosting a community garden volunteer day this Friday, tomorrow, from 3:30 to 6:30 at South East St in Cabot at La Petita. We're also hosting another on Friday the 28th, same time. I'll have more details out on the network e-mail, with the flyer. We also hosting a Serve Safe certification class here, discounted and in Spanish, from the 16th to 18th of November, with the test being administered on the 19th. Next March and April, from the 15th a Community Entrepreneurship program. That's all I have for today.

Jan Lamberg: Support Network - Holyoke based program
I've got a couple of announcements. There is a great and free training coming up, four parts, twice a week for two weeks. The Craft Model from Allies in Recovery and that is a primo substance abuse and relapse prevention model known, nationwide. It's very rare that it be free, so I'm going to forward that to Ed. The second thing is, this weekend, I think it's perhaps Saturday over the border in Enfield, there's a Community College open house about very specialized tech. Industry and tech vocational training through Asnuntuck Community College. I'll forward that flyer. Of course, just a plug from our own program as Department of Mental Health Western Mass family navigation support, we're always taking in more families for support groups, peer modeling around special education and other advocacy, as well as consults for providers with parents to come and brainstorm and get free support in a in a consult hour. We always recommend RSVPING for that because working with a private pay ED advocate or special Ed attorney is quite expensive. This is a free opportunity for parents, thank you very much.

Jamie Jang: UMass Amherst
Hi Ed, thanks so much for the invite. I'm Jamie Jang; I’m a student at UMass Amherst. Part of our project is to get to know Holyoke and see how we can help. I've been talking to some people around the community and Ed invited me to this meeting. Six weeks here, I'm amazed at the work you guys are doing, so keep it up. I am happy to learn, thanks.

Iris Sosa: Boy Scout Western Massachusetts Council
Hello everyone, I’m Iris Sosa from the Boy Scout Western Massachusetts Council. We are always looking for organizations that want to partner with us and there's many ways we can have the scouting program and help the youth in around the area. Also, we have an activity this Saturday that is an outdoor activity. I going to put the link in the chat if somebody is interested, it is open for all the family, scouting and non-scouting. Everybody can participate. It's a great opportunity to just bring the kids outdoor and bring the family to do different activities and explore the facilities that we have. Thank you.

Illeana Carrion: Office of Planning and Economic Development in Holyoke
Good afternoon, everyone. Hi, Ed. Illeana Carrion here from the City of Holyoke. The only update I have is what my colleague Stephanie Colon said. This Saturday, October 15th, we're going to have the Day in the Yoke. We're going to have so many events; the doors open, the food festival, and a lot of other things going on, so please join. These events are free and they're open to anyone from Holyoke or any from Western Mass, so please join in. I hope to see you there. Thanks, Ed.

Greg Graustein: Recovery Connection Center
Thanks Greg Graustein, Recovery Connection Center is a boutique style for opiate dependency outpatient. We take all insurances, a small approach to clients; we’re at Cottage St in Springfield. Right now I want to offer my services, if you need anybody in your programs need the education about what is Suboxone, Sublocade and Vivitrol and what actually is treatment involved now I want to help the community recognize to break stigma by educating you on what we do in treatment. So I provide my services of 30 years in the recovery field to you for free of service, of course. Some staggering numbers out yesterday on the Drug Task Force in Springfield, 107 people were lost between 2019 and 2021 in Springfield alone for an overdose. Please help me get the word out and educate other people about treatment and what we can do.

Gabriel Martinez: United States Probation
Hi everyone, my name is Gabriel Martinez. I am a United States Probation officer here in Springfield. I'm just looking to gather as much information and connect with some folks regarding services that are available in in the areas of mental health treatment, substance use treatment, as well as housing, just to name a few. So I'm really here just to connect with as many folks as possible since there is a need in those fields.

Rondey Allen: CrossPoint Clinical Services
Hey, good afternoon, everybody. I'm the executive director of CrossPoint Clinical Services and we are an agency that specializes in outpatient mental health and wellness services, sensitive to a Christian worldview. We have a great team of professional counselors who get a just as passionate about serving people who do not share their worldview, they're very excellent. I wanted to kind of call your attention to an event that's going to be going on a month from today, November 10th, the day of our next meeting. It’s called “The Struggle Is Real” and what we're going to do is we, along with a couple other partners, are calling attention to mental health coaching as an outlet for managing the overwhelming mental health need that's going on around us. I'm sure everybody's been feeling it. Every place you go has wait lists and the suicide stories that I'm hearing are very tragic. We really want to try to stem the gap, and many people who eventually reach out for mental health services reach out to their faith community first if they're involved in one. Even if they're not involved in one, many attempt to get help at a faith community. What we want to do is equip those faith communities to be what we call, mental health friendly, having a competence to assess and refer. Think about it as mental health first aid. This is a version of mental health first aid that we want to profile. We're not teaching it, we are partnering with an agency called the ACC that has an online training, November 10th, 7:00 to 8:00 PM; we are going to give an overview of three programs in addition to the mental health coaching program. We're going to overview a program called Dare to Care, which is to help churches to know how to competently set up a mental health ministry. They're going to outline legal parameters and give paperwork through this training program. Another program called Gloo, which is a search engine program that when someone is searching for something of mental health significance, they offer them an opportunity to connect with a local congregation that has been deemed mental health friendly.
So we're going to profile these three programs from 7 to 8 on the 10th. It’s going to be a hybrid program, we're going to have an in person program at Pioneer Valley Church of Christ in Chicopee. Then it's also going to be streamed virtually, so you could. Listen in on Zoom, we will record and post that program as well. I'm hoping that many will take advantage of that. Obviously we are reaching out to the faith community specifically with this approach, but we are very inclusive. We serve many people in many capacities who are not sharing our faith perspective. I also wanted to let you know the registration will be on the website. We're going to hopefully get that up by the end of the week. You can access that if you go to the website now. A pop-up box will come up where you can put in if you want to be notified about events, which will include this and of course other things. This will be listed on our events page very soon, but I just wanted to put it out there because it is the same day as the next networking meeting. I also wanted to you know that we have immediate openings for outpatient mental health services and our clinician is very professional and passionate about working with people from all backgrounds. We accept most insurance and we have some great health and wellness programing, thank you guys.

Darryll Roberts: Holyoke Young Parents Programs
Hi everyone. I'm Darryll; I run the Holyoke Young Parents Program and it’s for young parents. It's a residential program, ages 13 until they're 22nd birthday. The main updates I have are, we are starting murals, so if anyone has any extra paint of any types that they want to donate. They can shoot me an e-mail. If anyone, even if it's half a can of paint, that's fine, or even like acrylic paint, I can come pick it up if it's local. We are also hiring for direct care staff, weekends, and every other weekend overnights is our second shift. So I'll put my e-mail in the chat box. If anyone knows someone looking for like a second job or a relief position, they can send their resume directly to me.

Danielle Hartner: CHD
Hi everyone, Danielle Hartner from CHD's diversion shelter programs. We take close referrals from the Department of Housing and Community Development for emergency family shelter. If anybody wants any information about that or knows any families in need, let me know and I can explain that process. Right now we are having a great need. We had received some coats for donations because the weather is getting colder, but we are so far behind in coats this year, more particularly, adolescent and adult sizes. We do still have some kid sizes, but we are running really short. We do know about the coat drive at the Salvation Army on November 5th in Springfield. I don't know if anyone else knows anything about Holyoke coat drives, but I would love to hear any information on that. Great to be here, thank you.

Damasco Santiago: Tapestry
Good afternoon everyone, Damasco Santiago here from Tapestry Syringe Access in Holyoke. I don’t really have any updates. I just want to let any community members and partners that are here that we’re always willing to come out and give Narcan presentations and provide Narcan for any agency or facility that may need it. Feel free to reach out to me and I posted my contact information in the chat.

Corrine Ryan: Community Legal Aid
Hi, everyone. Corinne, managing attorney of Community Legal Aid in Springfield, no updates really, but I'll just give you a really quick refresher on what we do so you can send folks our way. I will put our intake information in the chat. We are the free civil legal aid provider for the five counties of Central and Western mass. In Western mass, we have offices in downtown Springfield and Monarch place and a satellite office space that we can use to meet clients in at the Holyoke Health Center. We specialize in housing, so eviction defense, access to affordable housing programs, subsidy denials, also fair housing work around housing discrimination. We have a family law unit that helps survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. We do divorce, visitation, custody, child support, etc. Our education law unit mostly helps children with special needs get services in schools, but we also help with discipline issues like suspension and expulsions, and also language access issues for parents and kids. We have an elder law unit for folks above 60. We have benefits and employment units that help folks access state benefits and federal benefits like the disability benefits programs administered by Social Security. We have an immigration unit, so helping folks seeking asylum, unaccompanied minors, and also victims of certain crimes. Our newest unit, the Family Preservation Project takes referrals, directly from DCF and community partners, of Hampden County families with open clinical cases or investigations where the main allegations are not of abuse but of poverty related problem, so in inadequate housing, a lack of benefits, for instance. The goal is for CLA to provide legal Services and other resources to stabilize families so that the children do not have to be separated from their parents. We are also gearing up our CORI re-entry unit in Hamden County that helps formerly incarcerated individuals overcome barriers to housing, employment and other opportunities in order to reintegrate into society. Please keep us in mind for that work as well. Again, I'll put our intake line and website in the chat, so feel free to ask questions of me directly or to send folks directly to our referral systems.

Brianna Hernandez: The Impact Center
Hi everyone. My name is Brandon Hernandez. I'm from the Impact Center in Springfield. The only updates I have, is that we do have three events going on in October. Tomorrow we have pumpkin painting. We serve youth and young adults from 16 to 26. To any young adults that would want to come in and paint some pumpkins with us, they are more than welcome. We have on the 27th, the Halloween event from 1:00 to 3:30. Then we have an open house on the 28th, which is open to any providers, youth, and young adults that want to get to know our program. You are all more than welcome to come by on the 28th. I have my e-mail in the chat if anybody is interested in our calendar, so they can see our calendar for October, and you can get sent the November calendar with my supervisor. That is all.

Bill Courchesne: Hampden County Sheriff’s Department/HSNI
Hello everybody, Bill Courchesne from Hampden County Sheriff's Department. I’m the Ward 6 Neighborhood Watch coordinator for HSNI. On October 26, Mulberry agents and I are hosting a trick or trunk. If you have not received the link to participate in that, I'm sure Eddie will be glad to send you the registration link. We're looking to get at least 40 trunks on that, so if half the people on this call right now get there, we'll be halfway there. That would be phenomenal to see you all there and that's all we got for today.

Art Lobdell: Boy Scouts of America
Art Lobdell, also from the Boy Scouts of America, just wanted to put an opportunity out there that we are currently looking for folks to work for us. We need additional help to be able to deliver programs in the city of Holyoke, as well as in Springfield. Those are part time positions largely in the afternoon and evenings. We are actively looking to have folks join our staff, so wanted to put that out there. Also, we have a new program that is going to serve middle school and teenagers as well as those up to age 20, that might have any interest at all in aviation careers. That's actually going to operate out of Barnes Airport. That will be beginning on November 12th and we're asking for folks to get involved in that program. Anyone interested in aviation again, whether it's youth or adults, because we do need adults to serve as volunteers in that program. Again, from middle school all the way up to age 20 is youth, and then age 21 and over would be our adult volunteers. So looking to get that launched. Thank you so much.

Lisa Marie Carbonell-Corea: Alzheimer Association
Hi my name is Lisa, I am a care consultant. I work with the Alzheimer Association and I don't have any updates. I put my information in the chat, thank you.

Ada Luz de Ramos: Lyman Terrace
Hi, I’m Ada Gomez from Lyman Terrace, 17 Hampden St. I'm a community life service coordinator. We have a food pantry every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month 12:00 to 2:00 PM for everybody in Holyoke in the back of the Office. Then we have an activity this coming Wednesday, October 19th, its 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM in front of the office. We're going to have the project held by CBS. It's free and it's for everybody, the residents and also the community. Everything is free health services, body mass, blood pressure, glucose, diabetes plan. It's for everybody in Holyoke. I put my e-mail and phone number in the chat. Also, I'm still looking for a teacher who wants to be in our community, an ESOL teacher for two hours, twice a week, for our seniors and our residents. They're asking for ESOL classes. Thank you.

Adlyn Colon: Holyoke Community College
Good afternoon everybody. I'm Adlyn Colon. I work for Holy Community College adult education program. We’re still indoor controlling students for our free programs on the English classes and also in the high set GED preparation classes. We also have a couple of certification programs that are also free for the people. If you want more information you can go to our website on In addition, we're going to be participating, this coming Saturday the 15th, in the open doors event that is going around Holyoke. If you want to see our facilities and learn more about at what we do, Downton Holyoke on 206 Maple St, our school is going to be open for the public. We're going to have the Culinary Arts Institute that is located in the upper corner of Appleton and
Race Street, you could visit us in either of our facilities, our school or Maple Street at the Culinary Arts and you could see all our facilities and learn more about all the programs that we have there. Thank you.

Adam Kentish: Preferred Behavioral Health
Hello, my name is Adam Kentish; I'm one of the clinical supervisors here at Preferred Behavioral Health. Right now we are accepting all referrals for a meal therapist, there's about a two week turn around period, and for a female therapist that is about three weeks. We try to keep our turn around rate fast. We really have a great staff that is trying their best to give all of our clients the best attention and meet their needs, whatever they might be. So I'll put some information there in the chat and that's all for now.

Ada Lopez: Bilingual Language Development Lab
Hello everyone, my name is Ada Lopez. I am from the Bilingual Language Development Lab. I'm at UMass Amherst and I have one announcement. We have a meeting on Friday, October 28th, at the Flat Community Building 43 N Canal St. We invite families raising bilingual children to come to our meeting where we will have a speech language pathologist talking about feeding disorders and treatment. Also, we will have activities for children to stimulate language and literacy, all families are welcome. I'm going to drop the flyer in the chat so they can register so we have a count of how many children we will be working with. Thank you so much.

Abbie Germain: Viability/Western Mass Moms
Thanks, Ed, always a pleasure to be here. Hi, everyone. Good afternoon. My name is Abbie Germain and I'm here to represent the Western Mass Moms program. For those of you who are not familiar with the program, we are fairly new. We had a pilot program over the winter and we officially launched in April. What we do is offer a special and unique opportunity for mothers and other women or non-binary caregivers of children under 18, a chance to address their stress, anxiety, and depression. Part of our services include an 8 week stress management course, participants will meet once a week for an hour and a half, for eight weeks. Our program is part of a research project; our program is free to join. We pay participants along the way, so if you have any clients that are mother or caregiver of a child under 18 that are looking for supports, we'd love to have them. Our program has the capacity to enroll 1000 participants. We're at about 140 now, we're still new, but we have a lot of space available. Our classes are always starting and ending. We're rotating classes, but they're available morning, afternoon, evenings, as well as on zoom. So if somebody doesn't want to come out, they can join on zoom as well. If they do choose in person, we do provide childcare, snacks, and drinks during the class. We provide bus passes for those who need them as well. Again, participants are paid to engage in our program. After the 8 weeks are done and they graduate from the stress management class, they can still remain engaged with us for two years. We have additional supports available afterwards for those that are interested, including help with any employment goals, education goals, or parenting goals beyond the eight week stress management class. It's been going really well. Thank you to those who have referred to us, I really do appreciate and respect your trust in us. I just wanted to add the program I work for is Western mass moms, but the agency is Viability. Many of you might be familiar with viability; we just got a new logo, so I and many members of my team have been out and about in the community dropping off new flyers with the new logo. It's been really nice touching base and talking to folks out there. If I haven't hit you up yet. I hope to see you soon with those new flyers, but again, thanks Ed for this great opportunity and thanks for hanging to get to the A’s, thank you.

Orlando Rivera: Hope for Holyoke Recovery Center
My name is Orlando Rivera. I'm a resident of Holyoke. I am a volunteer at the Hope for Holyoke Recovery Center. I also work with Temple St sometimes and work with neighbor to neighbor. I’m always in touch with Eddie, loving all the information I am getting from everybody here. I love that program for moms. I just want to say I wish they had one for fathers. I really do love it, but I don't identify as a woman, so I can't be a part of the class. I am a single father and it would be really nice if they made more programs like the ones you guys are doing. That is super awesome, because they're a bunch of dads too, and I noticed you said something about 1000 spaces able to be filled in? That is a lot of space; they could start a father’s program quick because there are a lot of us out there. Also, for that other program for the service for the youth, there are a lot of shelters here in Holyoke with a lot of teenagers. When I first came here to Holyoke, I lived in a shelter and I was with my teenager and programs like that would have been really awesome
On another note, I don't have anything to say. I was able to help six people get into detox this week. I'm very happy about that. We're still working on helping people before the snow hits. For the people that are homeless, I was down at the library this morning, and the outcome from the first one that we did for the unsheltered people was double that people came. I'm hoping that a lot of agencies are going to reach out in that aspect because when the winter hits, I don't want to see anyone sleeping under a bench or anything for that matter. Everything else about children, I am all for kids, I have been screaming that Holyoke kids matter. I appreciate all of you. Anything you need, I'm here to help. I'm always at the Holyoke Hope Center. You can contact me through Eddie. I'm in everything, anything and everything that has to do with positivity and community, love for Holyoke, and any other community as well; anything that has to do with people and community, thank you.

Ed Caisse: Orlando, some folks put some information in the chat. There are a couple agencies that jump on our meeting and Enlace De Familia and MSVCC both have Fatherhood programs, so I can get you connected to that. I just have a couple things that I wanted to share. We are in the middle of our basketball registrations. I did send out flyers a couple weeks ago, but we are really trying to get as many of the youth in Holyoke. So if your agency is working with youth in Holyoke that like to play basketball, it's not just about basketball. Actually, we have a little extra time. I am going to share the video link with you all, it's only a 3 minute video. It was from our summer Basketball league, so I can give you a visual. I know some of your agencies actually came out to our summer leagues, which we really appreciate because our goal as a league is not just to do character development with the youth, but to be able to develop relationships with the families, and get people connected to services. We actually had quite a few agencies come out and it was really cool to see the families engaging with the agencies. I will send out the flyer again and I'm just asking if you work with any families in Holyoke that might have young people, if you can just help us spread that information. We're only going to be doing the registration for another two weeks and then we're going to start to hold our evaluations where evaluate all the players on a scale from 1 to 5, so we can make the teams fair. So I'm going to go ahead and share this video come from our summer program just so you can get a perspective of the youth and families talking about.
*Ed Caisse Played video promoting Basketball in the Zoom*
Ed Caisse
I just thought it was appropriate to share that so you know that the work that we're doing out there is not just about basketball. In fact, when we had a pilot down in South Holyoke in 2011, we decided to do a door knock. In 2012 we had Western New England University partner with us and they did a data analysis. We had 40 something volunteers from different agencies knock on 400 doors in South Holyoke and we found out 65% of the kids down there had never participated in after school program. There's only one school down there, Morgan school. We began to do table tennis clubs, we got 15 kids. We did a boxing program, we took 15 kids up to the Boys and Girls Club in a boxing program, but the space we had only housed 15 kids. We did a flag football, we got 25 kids. We did volleyball and we got 20 kids. The first season we did basketball, we got 56 kids, so that was the biggest draw by far. We always run two 12 week basketball leagues a year and the goal is to be able to reach the kids. I'm not a basketball guy, but when I looked at the numbers, when we did all these different activities and we see that basketball got so many kids, our goal was to be able to put ourselves in front of youth and families, get to know the youth that need us the most, and be able to be mentors the populations and kids that were working with in our Basketball League every year. I actually take the numbers, which I haven't done this year. We had about 320 kids in the Basketball league, but I can tell you from historical information and what I see in the league, probably 96% of them were actually Hispanic maybe a little higher, small percentage of African Americans, small percentage of white. So those are the numbers and that's why when we recruit, we're really intentional about trying to reach out to some younger Hispanic males that could be good at influences to these youth, but men of color in general, because a lot of the kids that we're dealing with are males of color. We think it's very appropriate, culturally, to be able to bring in coaches and volunteers that actually look like the kids and even coaches that have grown up in the same neighborhoods as some of these kids. So we're really blessed at the amount of coaches we have, like Gabriel. He's one of our coaches and he's actually one of our leaders to drive the league.
We’ve been doing the league since 2012. Every year it grows and went from 56 to 76 to 120 to 180 to 240 to 260, now we're over 300. Our winter leagues are typically a little smaller than the summer, but I just want to encourage you to consider sending the information out. When I send the Flyers out, again, just asking you to encourage families to consider getting involved in it because, like Delano said in the video, it's much more than basketball, we're very intentional in terms of the character development and even intentional mentoring, why we have the kids there and when we find the kids and families that really need to get connected to additional services; we do make some direct referrals. That's why this meeting is so important to me and for many of us are doing this work because it's relational. I know many of you now, and Big Brothers Big Sisters is a good example, even though they're not here today. Every year we're able to get a couple kids connected to Big Brothers Big Sisters through the relationship. When we identify that a youth might be able to benefit from getting connected to an additional carrying adult, we have a conversation with the parent. It's usually a single mom, but not always, like Orlando, there are some other single dads out there. In fact, we have a couple single dads that are actually coaching with us and it's really cool. So I'm just saying help us spread the word and the last thing I want to say is regarding the work. There's a lot of agencies that are not at our table and the networking meeting is one thing for us. But when we look at the Holyoke Hub and there could even be agencies on this call right now that are not part of the Holyoke Hub. But if you feel like you're an agency that has resources that can help people in the community get to better places. The Holyoke Hub focuses on people that are really at an acutely elevated risk and really need to get connected to wrap around services because of the amount of risk factors that they have active in their life. So I'm encouraging agencies that are here today, if you're not part of the Holyoke Hub consider to get involved, not just to the Holyoke Hub but also this networking meeting. We want to get to know more agency representatives that have services that can help youth and families get to better places. We want to be intentional about making those connections, that's what the work has always been about for us. I mean, we use family fun nights, we use basketball leagues, and we use different things as a means just to be able to get to youth and families. The ultimate goal of the work that we're doing is trying to help people get to better places.
I've been working here at the Sheriff's Department for 29 1/2 years and how many times did I see young people come in here with the same story, the same risk factors. That's why we go out to the community, we want to be proactive and I thank God and I thank our Sheriff that he allows us to go out into the community and be able to do this work. It's out there that we can come across youth and families and then get them connected to resources to help people get to better places. With that all being said, I just want to say thank you to each of your agencies for being here. If you know any other agencies that are not here, it's once a month for the networking meeting. The demand for the Holyoke Hub is a little bit more often, that meeting is once a week on a Tuesday at 1:00, which is a big demand, but it's very important work. This is important to us too, because we want to find additional agencies that have resources to help people get to better places. If you can, do an invitation or forward an e-mail from me to encourage people to come see what the networking meeting is all about that we too may be able to bring them into the work we're doing. Lastly, I do want to say this about the basketball we're always looking for a few good men and women, that can come out and be that example to these kids, whether it's a coach or a volunteer. We're always looking for help, so if you know anyone, if you're interested in being involved in any of our programs like the Basketball League, please send me an e-mail and we'll absolutely get you connected. Now is a good time, as we're getting ready to have a coaches meeting. Next week will be our initial coaches meeting for the year and just letting people know what the league is all about. Thank you so much for joining us. Have a great rest of the week. Have a good weekend and thank you so much for everything you're doing.

Abbie~Western Mass MOMS
Abbie Germain- Western Mass MOMS 413-561-7413
Abbie Germain- Western Mass MOMS Partnership, 413-561-7413, I would love to speak with you individually to answer any questions you may have. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly. Click here to submit a request for more information from Western Mass MOMS:
Click here to submit a request for more information from Western Mass MOMS:
Love the Holyoke Library!!!!
Click here to submit a request for more information from Western Mass MOMS:
MSPCC has a father's program, Enlace, and Family First Parenting Program are all great!
This video is AMAZING
It's really moving to see these testimonials!!!!

Julia Popkin- Community Legal Aid
Julia Popkin, Community Legal Aid, Springfield, MA.

Krystyna Boisjolie
Krystyna Boisjolie/Bianca Frederick RFK Community Alliance
Beth is awesome! She did a group with RFK yesterday and the kids had a great time and enjoyed the session!

Miguel Arce
Miguel Arce, Springfield College, Social Work

Corrine Ryan, Community Legal Aid
Corrine Ryan, Community Legal Aid, Springfield, MA,; 855-252-5342

Maria Pelchar
Maria Pelchar Holyoke Fire (413)534-2254

Sheryl Maldonado/VISTA Member/Way Finders
Resident Engagement & training Coordinator 413-386-6898
wow! wonderful keep it up Thank you

Kevin Noonan
Kevin Noonan, El Colibrí (413)
Great program Ed.

Liandro Gonzalez
Deputy Liandro Gonzalez- Hampden County Sheriff's

Yesenia Cruz
Yesenia Cruz- Community Service Rep for ADCare/American Addictions,, 508-713-1710
Great stuff!!!! I have to jump off to head out for a meeting. Keep up the great work everyone. Please feel free to reach out to me if I can help with any substance use needs.

John mccarthy
USCIS Citizenship and Immigration Service Community Relations Officer John McCarthy (617)356-5441

Sarah Lynn
Sarah Lynn - MSPCC Prevention - Intake and Outreach Coordinator (Sorry no mic/video today) our next Fathers and Families Network talk featuring Alec Lace is next month!! Topic is How to solve the fatherlessness crisis and become a first-class father
Hi everyone. I do not have audio today. Sorry.

Beth Fraster|she, her, hers
Beth Fraster -
Mass Mentoring Symposium November 10
You can come just for the Symposium or for both the learning in the morning or both the evening and the morning
It was great to be on this call - it is the most amazing community event!!!!

Jen Fernandes
THRIVE is now offering classes over 6 weeks. Each week focuses on a specific financial topic.
Jen Fernandes with THRIVE, 413-333-8365.
United Way has two pantries. One in Springfield at our Service Center, 1441 Main Street, open on Tuesdays from 2:30-4:30. and Wednesdays from 9-1. Also, one in Chicopee on 226 Exchange Street, open on Tuesdays from 9-12, Wednesdays, 3:30-5:30 and Thursdays from 11-1.
I have to hop off and go to my next meeting. Thanks, Ed, for having me. See everyone next month. If anyone has an interest in finding out more about the THRIVE program, one stop financial success center, feel free to contact me. 413-333-8365.

Ileana Carrion
Stephanie Colon Mass in Motion Coordinator for the City of Holyoke
More Oct 15th. Info!

Sandy Ward
Sandy Ward, volunteer with the Funeral Consumers Alliance of Western Massachusetts (FCAWM). We invite you to our Annual Meeting and educational Program this coming Sunday afternoon, Oct. 16, 2-4pm, in person or via Zoom. “Death Care with Love, Vision, and Surprises.” Details at on News page, or Direct link:

Orlando Rivera Jr
awesome will reach out Beth thank u so much

Shannon Burke
I am sorry I do not have audio. I do not have anything at this time. Shannon Holyoke Pediatrics, Medical Home care Coordinator. thank you for your time.
I'm sorry, I don't have audio. No updates. Erica Vasquez Medical Care Coordinator Holyoke Pediatrics

Iris Sosa
Iris Sosa Scouts BSA Western Massachusetts Council., phone number 413-594-9196 x 7030. Cell 787-512-1375
Outdoor program for all the families. This Saturday.
Amazing video

Damasco Santiago
Damasco Santiago Tapestry Syringe Access Program Manager, 306 Race ST, Holyoke, Ma. 01075. (413) 315-3732 Ext 104.

Thais Rivera
Thais Rivera Cultivation Administrative Assistant for Trulieve, a cannabis company, working with 200+ employees right here in Holyoke. I love to connect my TruFam to the amazing supports and resources available here in our area. If you're interested in sharing your available resources, services, or even interested in more information on how we may be able to work with your organization please feel free to reach out! My contact
One of our local agencies does have a program for dads
that is phenomenal Orlando!!
that was so beautiful!

Good afternoon, everyone. My name is Gabriel Martinez. I am a United States Probation Officer here in Springfield. I have to step out for a few minutes, but I am hoping to gather as much information and connect with folks that can assist in the areas of mental health treatment, substance use treatment, and housing. Thank you and please feel free to reach out to me.
Gabriel Martine

Melany Mendoza MMP
Mass Mentoring Symposium November 10
Melany Mendoza Manager of Community Engagement Mass Mentoring Partnership.

Liv Anna Homstead
Job and intern opportunities at PHIWM:
Infinite Pathways to Recovery Trainings registration:
Beyond the Call training for first responders:
If anyone has questions, please feel free to reach out to me
I forgot to mention that through a partnership with the Greater Springfield Opioid Crisis Collective, 413Cares has created a comprehensive resource page with addiction treatment and recovery services in the region. The page will be released next week. I hope it can be a great resource for everyone! Please sign up for our newsletter or follow 413Cares on Facebook to get updated when this resource page is available.
I have to jump to another meeting. Thanks, Ed, for organizing this

Juan Anderson-Burgos (Rep. Duffy) 52:02
Contact for Representative Duffy's office: Office phone: 413-529-4307

Nayroby Rosa-Soriano
Nayroby Rosa, OneHolyoke CDC, Facebook OneHolyoke

Brianna H (Impact Center)
Hello everyone! I put in the chat the Impact Center flyer and amenities. Our age range is the only thing that has changed, we go up to 26 now. If you want more information, you may email me at

Maria Chambers
Maria Chambers Senior Program Manager at BHN 413-654-7639
Rob Crawford Substance Prevention, Springfield DHHS413.787.6718rcrawford@springfieldcityhall,com

Adair medina
Hi, I have no updates from Holyoke Pediatrics. I appreciate the invite to these meeting. Adair Medina
I have to jump off to meet a patient.

Danielle Hartner
Hello all! Danielle Hartner
Danielle Hartner
Danielle Hartner - Clinical Director- Center for Human Development- Diversion Shelter Programs- Emergency Family Shelter-
Ed, is there a flyer for this I can post in our shelters? Or a website where I can find the info?

Darryll Roberts
Darryll Roberts- looking for extra paint for murals as well as hiring for Direct Care Staff- Weekend Second Shift and Awake Overnight.

Rondey Allen- CrossPoint Clinical Services
Rondey Allen, CrossPoint Clinical Services. 413-732-7677 ext. 1002
Have a good day everyone.

Lisa Marie Carbonell-Correa
Lisa M Carbonell-Correa MA CCHW CDP Memory Specialist - Dementia Care Consultant pronouns: she/ella Alzheimer's Association, Massachusetts/New Hampshire Chapter309 Waverley Oaks Rd, Waltham, MA 02452 | 617-819 -8923 ext. 2040 | / Helpline: 800.272.3900 | Find all of our virtual programs and support groups here:
Enlaces de Familia .... program for dads

Aida Luz De Ramos
Aida Gomez Community Life Service Coordinator, The Community Builders, Lyman Terrace 17 Hampden Street Holyoke. Food Pantry opens the second and fourth Wednesday of the month from 12-2pm. On October 19 Wednesday Project Health by CVS will be in 17 Hampden Street in front of our office from 11am-3:00pm Free Health Services. 413-887-6641 I am looking for an ESOL Teacher for 2 hours a week twice a week for our residents and our seniors...

Art Lobdell
Job opportunity
WMC will be launching an Aviation Career Explorer Program starting on November 12th at 10 AM at Barnes Airport Admin Building Conference Room 2nd Floor. An Explorer Club will serve youth from 6-8th grade. An Explorer Post will serve youth 14-20. There will be opportunities for adults to participate while serving as volunteers. Are you involved in the Aviation industry or an Aviation Hobbyist in any capacity? We need your help! Interest youth and adults are invited to any or all of two Pre-Flight Webinars linked below!

Yvonne Lomax
Sorry Ed I have another meeting at- I have to go great to see and hear from you all-

Adlyn Colon
Adlyn G. Colon - HCC Adult Education Program. HiSET preparation and ESOL classes. - 413-552-2927.

Adam Kentish
Preferred Behavioral Health

Ada Lopez Gonzalez
Ada Lopez Gonzalez/ Bilingual Language Development Lab UMass Amherst

Greg Graustein
Ed Fantastic

Julio Torres MassFairHousing

Stephanie Colon Mass in Motion Coordinator

Jan Lamberg of Holyoke 'based program- the SUPPORT NETWK
very moving, THANKS, GRAX

Jan Lamberg of Holyoke 'based program- the SUPPORT NETWK
fyi- resources/ events which I mentioned have been sent to ED- contact him for these flyers/ Links

Jason Comcowich- Nuestras Raíces
Thank you, Ed. I really appreciate the work you do.

Old Business / New Business
Next Meeting is Thursday, November 10th, 2022 (ZOOM).
Close Meeting 2:30pm
Contact Information:
Edward Caisse
Hampden County Sheriff’s Department
(413) 858-0225
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